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Simple teeth extraction of a tooth sometimes becomes necessary after proper evaluation and assessment of a reported dental problem. Although it is rare, we recommend it when a tooth may pose a threat to the health of the teeth and mouth of your child. For your simple extraction in Valencia, CA, Amor Kids Dentistry is the ideal dental practice to turn to. We offer excellent and compassionate simple teeth extraction and other dental care services. 

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The extraction of a tooth could be recommended due to any of the following; 

  • Severe Injury or trauma
  • Improper formation of roots
  • Misaligned growth of a permanent tooth. 

Simple teeth extraction is a routine procedure that we perform at our practice. It is used to remove the visible and easily accessible tooth as opposed to surgical removal that is used to remove a hidden tooth.

Procedure for Simple Extraction 

At Amos Kids Dentistry, your child’s comfort, as we perform any procedure from the most basic routines to the complex ones, is our utmost priority. As such, we employ the use of local anesthetic. The anesthetic numbs the extraction area completely and reduces the pain experienced by your child.

The surrounding of the tooth’s root is exposed with an elevator—this exposure loosens the affected tooth. The affected tooth is grasped with forceps and carefully tugged back and forth with applied force. Eventually, the periodontal ligament holding the tooth to the alveolar bone is ruptured, setting the tooth free.

After extracting any tooth, we discuss the best possible replacement for your child.  One of these replacements, depending on the condition of the teeth, could be space maintainers. The purpose of the said replacement is to ensure that the growth of all other teeth along the jawline is not interfered with. Thus, ensuring a good overall dental function and health.

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Contact us today at Amor Kids Dentistry to book a simple extraction appointment for your child. Our specialists will attend to you promptly and make you feel comfortable throughout your dental visit. We are proud to serve patients throughout Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas.

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