Pediatric Dentist Near Me, Hungtington Park CA

pediatric dentist

Dentistry for children is different than dentistry for adults. Kids need to feel safe and happy at the dentist, but they also need some understanding of what’s happening. They should be comfortable and pain-free during their visits which is why we are the top choice when it comes to kids dental care! 

No matter if your child needs a “happy visit” or an exam, every moment you spend with us will be focused on fun relaxation, excellence…and even learning how oral health relates to other aspects of life like stronger bones (for example). Even more importantly: if your child enjoys that they come here now this will set them up for a lasting smile which leads to healthier body overall – longer lives!

How to prepare your child for their first visit to the pediatric dentist

Children often become anxious when they hear the word “hospital” or “dentist” or talk about seeing a doctor or dentist. Help them overcome this fear by letting them know you understand what they’re going through and trying to help. Try these tips:

  • Speak positively of the dentist – Do this and talk to them about the risks associated with not visiting the dentist. 
  • Stay relaxed – Avoid looking tense as your child may be easily enthused and terrified as well. 
  • Come prepared – You may bring along your child’s toys to keep them distracted at the waiting room. 
  • Plan a treat – A movie or a trip to the playground before or after the appointment will make your child start associating dental appointments with treats and other nice things.
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Children, Kids Dental Exam in Los Angeles CA

For a good dental health, experts recommend taking your child to see the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts (or when he or she is about 12 months old).

At this time, the dentist can give you information on:

  •  Baby bottle 
  • tooth decay 
  • Infant feeding practices 
  • Mouth cleaning 
  • Teething 
  • Pacifier habits 
  • Finger-sucking habits

Your Child’s Oral Exam 

A comprehensive oral exam is an important part of a child’s daily routine. AWe make sure that dental hygiene is fun and easy for kids to learn so they can do it on their own, which also makes it easier for parents too!  thorough examination will tell you the dentistry needs of the patient and if any treatment might be necessary.

What To Expect – Children’s Dental Exam 

A comprehensive oral exam is the key to ensuring your child’s oral health needs are met. Our team of dentists will provide education on how to brush and floss in addition to a thorough examination that can identify any issues, such as cavities or tooth decay.

The Importance of Child Dental Care
Healthy baby teeth will lead to healthy permanent teeth and a lasting, beautiful smile. Baby teeth influence the way your child speaks and eats. By bringing your child to the dentist at an early age, they can build a trusting relationship with them that lasts for their entire life. If you notice any missing or decayed baby teeth, this initial dental visit can identify if orthodontics are needed too–something even parents should come in for! As parents we have many opportunities here: To learn about oral hygiene (and its relation to nutrition), cavity prevention tactics like fluoride usage- all of which contribute towards strong tooth structures. 

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Stainless Steel Crowns in Huntington Park CA

Stainless steel crowns are all-ceramic crown that are worn by people who have teeth problems. Stainless Steel Crowns help in enhancing the look of their tooth. It is an incredible way to restore any stained or disfigured tooth with a new one.

At Amor Kids Dentistry, we are always ready to provide you with effective approaches to restore the lost glory of your teeth, offering you the beautiful, shiny set of teeth you always wanted. Amor Kids Dentistry is definitely the prefect option to do your Stainless Steel Crowns in Los Angeles. Our crowns are very durable, strong, and long lasting. Coupled with its distinct beauty, with our dental crown, you have it all.

Difference With Regular Dental Crowns

Amor Kids Dentistry provides you with dependable Stainless Steel Crowns services. Our aim is to help you restore your discolored, broken, tooth to its natural glory. We are always committed to offering you a truly appealingly, attractive appearance.

Restore Your Smile Today

We offer you the best dental crown services to restore your beautiful smile. Even if you are looking to finish off other procedures like dental implants, our stainless steel crowns are perfect to get the job done.

Each and every one of our services are aimed at restoring your tooth’s form and function. They are very affordable. Call us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of well experienced dentists are always available to attend to all your concerns.

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Tooth Colored Fillings in Los Angeles CA

tooth colored fillings

Would you prefer to have fillings that mimics the natural look of your teeth and fits so well that nobody could notice the difference, over metal fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings are one of the latest developments in modern dentistry. These natural-looking dental fillings are being used today to replace amalgam or metal materials in filling teeth.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings (white fillings) are dental fillings that restore teeth that have decayed, fractured or chipped. They are designed to mimic the appearance of your tooth structure making the cosmetically pleasing and comfortable to wear.

Orthodontists recommend tooth-colored fillings for closing gaps between teeth, straightening teeth or repairing chipped teeth.

What are the benefits of tooth-colored fillings?

The advantages of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Tooth-colored fillings are made from composite resins and porcelains. They are safe, comfortable and react more like your natural teeth.
  • Tooth-colored fillings offer a firm bonding with your teeth which creates a stronger, more protected and comfortable dental fillings.
  • Tooth colored fillings restores the structure, look and feel of your teeth. These teeth restorative materials help to recreate tooth that not only looks natural but responds effectively to biting force.
  • Tooth-colored fillings can be used on front and back teeth without compromising aesthetics. And they can be replaced if damaged.

Come to Amor Kids dentistry for patient-focused dental care for you and your family. Whether you are looking for tooth decay treatment or tooth restoration using tooth colored fillings. Contact us to schedule your free appointment today.

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Kids Emergency Care Dentist in Huntington Park CA

dental emergency

Not all dental problems can wait until working hours to be addressed. Some come with unbearable pain while others would only get worse and lead to other problems if left unattended. Such situations are why you need an emergency care dentist.

Here are a few problems that emergency dentists can help with:

  • Severe tooth damage
  • Excessive pain
  • Abscess or pus drainage
  • Gum or mouth bleeding

Do you fall under any of the above categories or feel there is a chance you could be a dental emergency victim in the future? Knowing a dental office that offers emergency services is a good place to start.

Amor Kids Dentistry is a dental care center in Los Angeles that offers care for all kinds of dental emergencies. Whether it’s a knock, a toothache or swelling that won’t stop, our experienced emergency dentist is always up for the task to see that your problem is addressed. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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Dental Exam & Cleaning | Los Angeles

dental exam and cleaning

Dental cleaning should be taken just as seriously as annual physicals and regular health checkups as it is also a preventive way of keeping the body healthy. There are finer elements in your teeth that are beyond the powers of your toothbrush and that can only be addressed by a dentist through this procedure.

Who qualifies for dental exam and cleaning?

Age and other factors such as medical history do not count when it comes dental examination. This is simply because there are hardly any potentially risky chemicals used in the procedure that could worsen a condition you already have. The procedure is however particularly important if you are under medication for an oral condition as it will help the dentist determine whether you’re making headway.

For a dental exam and cleaning procedure by a qualified dentist in Los Angeles, call us today to book consultation.

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Best Kids Dentist Near Me, Huntington Park CA

Best kids dentist

It is common knowledge that at the age of 6-7 years, children start losing their milk teeth and the permanent set of teeth start growing. It is recommended that you start taking care of your child’s teeth in the tender stages of their life. At our practice, our kid’s dentist will ensure that your child gets the best dental care and treatment possible.

Who is a Kids Dentist?

A kid’s dentist is a trained dental specialist who takes care of the dental issues of kids and teens. Some benefits of choosing kids dentist are

  • They help parents with their child’s bad oral habits such as extended pacifier use and thumb-sucking.
  • They create a pleasant atmosphere that encourages your child to like oral health.
  • They have the benevolent skills to work with children who have unique needs.

Procedure for Kids Dentistry

Our kid’s dentistry treatments include cleanings, fluoride, sealants, crowns, fillings, bonding, extractions, and emergencies. 

Cleanings: During our dental cleanings, our team of experts thoroughly cleans your child’s teeth and reviews your kid’s dental hygiene. 

Fluoride: Our fluoride treatments help strengthen teeth, hinder cavities, and prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar. 

Sealants: Our sealants treatment is used to safeguard hard-to-clean areas from deterioration. We use fillings to restore function and balance when a tooth is decayed. 

Crowns: Also, our specialists use crowns to replace the external portion of the tooth. 

Bonding: Bonding is a fast, easy way to repair teeth that are chipped, crooked, or discolored. During the procedure, our team of experts chisels a white resin directly onto the tooth to fix the flaw. 

Extraction: If your kid’s tooth is too damaged to repair, we carry out an extraction to remove it. 

Emergency: During dental emergencies, our specialized dentists encourage patients to call. 

Depending on the severity of the situation, our trusted team might offer directions and instruct you to come in for an appointment. Or they might recommend that you seek immediate care.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at our practice to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated team will be happy to meet with you and recommend the right treatment or procedure for your dental issue.

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Kids, Children’s Dentist Near Me, Los Angeles CA

Kids, Children’s Dentist

Baby teeth begin to grow out of the gums at 6 months of age and are usually fully grown by the age of two. The primary teeth must be maintained properly just as you do your adult teeth. The children’s dentist at our practice will ensure that your child is comfortable and relaxed during their visit.

Who is a Children’s Dentist?

A kid dentist is a dental specialist that focuses on the care of your kid’s teeth and oral health. Here are some benefits of working with kids, children’s dentist:

  • They can help to prevent tooth decay
  • They teach your kid proper hygiene and oral care
  • They can help to reduce fear and pain

Procedure for Kids, Children’s Dentist 

Our team of experts starts the procedure by educating your child using models, computer technology, and kid-friendly terminology, thus indicating how crucial it is to keep teeth healthy and strong.  In addition, we counsel you on good eating habits, how to prevent disease, trauma, and other phases of the home hygiene routine. Our specialists also monitor growth by regularly tracking development and growth. 

Our trusted team foresees dental problems and swiftly intervenes before they get worse.  We understand that working towards sooner corrective treatment preserves your kid’s self-esteem and builds a more positive self-image. Our experienced team helps you and your child establish good oral care and eating habits which decreases the chances of later tooth decay.  

In addition to offering checkups and dental cleanings, our specialists also apply topical fluoride and dental sealants to your child’s teeth, advise you on thumb-sucking/smoking cessation/pacifier and provide good demonstrations of flossing and brushing. In some situations, our pediatric dentist might talk to you about the possibility of early oral treatments with parents. 

In situations involving bruxism, malocclusion, oral injury, space maintainers might be fitted, we might recommend a night-time mouth guard, or schedule a reconstructive surgery.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at our practice to schedule a simple consultation. Our specialists will be happy to meet with you and discuss the possible dental treatment or procedures for your kids.

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Space Maintainers in Huntington Park CA

space maintainers

When a child loses his or her teeth, a dentist can insert space maintenance equipment in your child’s mouth to ensure that their adult teeth will grow accurately. At our practice, we offer the most durable and effective space maintainers. Our dental experts will insert the space maintainers carefully and ensure that your child’s teeth grow in the right place.

What are Space Maintainers?

A space maintainer is a dental appliance used to leave space in children who have lost a milk tooth before an adult tooth is ready to grow. Here are some benefits of space maintainers:

  • It ensures that the remaining teeth are steady
  • It sometimes helps to improve speech
  • It supports the proper growth of permanent teeth 

Procedure For Space Maintainers

The space maintainers we offer at our practice are of various types, can be created differently, and be used in other mouth areas. Our space maintainers work on a single principle, ‘preserving’ space left behind by the early loss of a baby tooth to stop the surrounding teeth from growing in a way that obstructs the growth of a future permanent tooth. 

What’s more, our space maintainer consists of a plastic or metal guide plane along which the permanent molar erupts. They are removable if the primary first and second molars are nowhere; our specialists incorporate the length and span in a partial denture. Our dental experts take careful measurement and positioning to ensure that the space maintainer’s reason is fulfilled. Our team of experts takes a radiograph to display the framework of the teeth. 

Our dedicated team decides which kind of space maintainer to use, depending on the framework of your surrounding teeth. For instance, if your lower primary molars have been lost, our specialists will use a bilateral band and loop. Children usually take some days to get used to the space maintainer and will need to clean it occasionally to keep the gum tissue healthy and free of dental plaque. 

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at our practice to schedule a simple consultation. Our dedicated team will be happy to meet with you and recommend the right space maintainers for your child.

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Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles CA

pediatric dentist

Like adults, children occasionally have dental issues. Fortunately, some dentists focus mainly on children. Hence, instead of taking your child to a general dentist, you should consider going to a doctor, also known as a pediatric dentist. At our practice, we offer the most efficient pediatric dentistry procedure. We will make your child feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of the dental profession that focuses on caring for children’s teeth and oral health. Here are some benefits of working with a board-certified pediatric dentist:

  • They can help reduce the fear of dental clinics in your child
  • They can show you how to reduce your child’s bad oral habits
  • They are experts when it comes to your child’s tiny teeth

Procedure for Pediatric Dentistry

Our dental experts start the treatment by evaluating your child’s overall health and oral hygiene, eating habits, and drinking. We will also assess the risk of tooth decay, besides disinfecting your child’s teeth. Our dedicated team might decide to take X-rays of your child’s teeth, carry out other diagnostic procedures, and apply sealants which are thin protective plastic coatings, to permanent molars and other back teeth liable to decay. 

Furthermore, the experienced team at our practice repairs tooth defects or cavities. Our specialists search for issues in how your child’s upper and lower teeth fit together—our experienced team counsel your child about the effect of jaw clenching, thumb sucking, and nail-biting. Our dentists sometimes suggest pre-orthodontic treatment such as a unique mouthpiece or orthodontic treatment, such as braces to straighten your child’s teeth or modify the bite. 

Depending on your child’s age, our professional team might also decide to counsel your child about the oral health hazards associated with drinking sugary beverages, smoking, chewing tobacco, eating disorders, oral piercings, and not wearing a mouthguard during contact sports. Our experienced team also talks about the possible removal of your child’s wisdom teeth at the appropriate age, usually at age 16.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at our practice to schedule an appointment. Our trusted experts will be happy to meet with you and discuss your child’s treatment options.

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