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Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative used with oxygen to calm a child before a dental procedure. This process helps to ensure that the procedure is done seamlessly while eliminating any form of pain. At Amor Kids Dentistry, we offer nitrous oxide in Valencia, California to young patients before performing a dental procedure. Our experienced team will administer the right amount of nitrous oxide to help keep your child calm and ensure that the dental procedure is pain-free.

Nitrous Oxide for Dental Procedures

Nitrous oxide, also known as “happy gas” or “laughing gas,” is a safe sedative used in our dentistry to calm the nerves of your child during a procedure. Depending on your child’s anxiousness as they come in to get a dental treatment, they could require this sedative.  Although this sedative calms the child, it doesn’t put the child to sleep completely. The child can converse with our specialists during their procedure.

The Procedure

Few hours before the treatment, your child is expected to cease eating food. At the commencement of treatment, Nitrous oxide is used in combination with oxygen to sedate your child by placing a mask over their face. The gas is turned on in a controlled fashion by the experts. This controlled release ensures no adverse side effects after the treatment. As your child breathes the gas in, they relax, allowing the specialists to carry out their treatment effectively.

Afterward, the child is supervised and then discharged. It is normal for them to feel nauseated after the treatment. They could go on to vomit. However, it is temporary and ceases after the effect of the gas wears off totally. Adequate hydration is required to replenish lost liquid via vomit. As they were half asleep during the treatment, it is normal for your child to not recall some part of the treatment.

Effects of Nitrous Oxide

The effects of Nitrous oxide are not overly prolonged. After the gas is turned off, the effects wear off.

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