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Tooth eruption in infants is an important stage. This developmental stage has to be taken seriously by parents. Also, parents should endeavor to take their kids for checkups whenever they notice the eruption of the first set of teeth. Note that this should be done by the first birthday at the latest.

Furthermore, a first time visit is crucial to prevent tooth decay and ensure proper development of your child’s teeth. A toddler or infant’s first-time visit to the dental practice will lay the foundation for effective dental hygiene. For your infant/toddler first time visit in Los Angeles, Amor Kids Dentistry is the ideal practice to turn to.

What Happens During the Visit?

When you bring a toddler for the first dental visit, expect the following:

  • We will evaluate the baby’s medical record and probably review your family history and fix any issue that may arise
  • We will assess your baby’s mouth for any issues like a sign of decay etc.
  • We will advise you on the best way to clean the new teeth and clean up your baby’s mouth
  • We will follow up with the procedure to enable your child to get the best treatment

What are the Benefits of Regular and Early Dental Visits?

Note that an early visit to the specialist’s office will benefit your infants in several ways. The most significant advantages include:

  • It helps prevent tooth decay which affects several kids (2 – 5 years).
  • It helps develop good dental hygiene, facilitating the growth of healthy teeth to enable them to speak clearly and chew properly.
  • Proper dental care will facilitate the growth of permanent teeth for lifelong benefits.

The important thing is that toddler/infant dental care is essential for your child. Thus, ensure that you take your child to a specialist with extensive experience in kids’ dentistry. 

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