Simple Extractions at Amor Kids Dentistry

At Amor Kids Dentistry, we evaluate every available option before performing the simple extraction procedure. However, there are some instances whereby we perform this task to boost the kid’s health status. The extraction of teeth helps maintain the health of your kid’s permanent teeth and mouth. The reasons for extracting teeth include; intrusion with the growth of a permanent tooth, issues with long or misshapen roots, and trauma or severe decay. 


Our specialists will numb the tooth area by applying a local anesthetic to eliminate the pain when undergoing the treatment procedure. Also, the specialists will use medical tools like elevators and forceps to extract the teeth. The tooth is first loosened with elevators before using forceps for the final extraction and requires applying pressure and force. 

Benefits of Simple Extraction

Here are some benefits of the simple extraction procedure:

Eliminate Pain: Some underlying issues cause discomfort. Infections may affect your teeth to the extent of affecting your tooth roots. Our specialists can help extract the tooth to relieve you from pain. 

Beautiful Smile: Specialists may recommend this extraction procedure if the patient is dealing with crooked teeth – it means that more teeth overcrowd the patient’s mouth. The best thing to do is extracting the teeth so that the patient could have a perfect teeth structure, thereby creating a beautiful smile.

Saves The Teeth: Extracting an infected tooth will save the rest of the teeth and prevent infection. Thus, the specialist will extract the infected tooth to ensure that the patient lives a healthy life.  

Our dental experts at Amor Kids Dentistry will enhance your kid’s comfort by applying local anesthesia to numb the area. Another fantastic thing is that the mouth will heal within a short time (2-3 days). 

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