When to Start Visiting a Pediatric Dentist in Los Angeles

pediatric dentistry

As soon as your baby’s first tooth erupts, you can book an
appointment with a pediatric dentist. It’s a fact that baby teeth are
eventually shed starting at age six but all the same, you should keep
those tiny teeth and gums healthy to create a healthy foundation for a
beautiful smile. By now, your baby may have a few teeth in, so book
their first dental appointment today if you haven’t already.

If your baby has the signs below, do not wait:

  • White spots on the teeth or gums
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Bluish bruises on the gums
  • Teeth grinding
  • Tongue thrusting

How to make your baby’s first visit easier

The first visit should be fairly easy because your baby is having
his/her first experience. If you succeed in making this fun and
interesting, you minimize the chances of dental anxiety in your child as
they grow up. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Choose a pediatric dentist.

Pediatric dentists specialize in babies and children. They know how
to handle younger babies and older children using languages that they
understand most and that’s the languages of toys, music, video games,
etc. They also have a colorful setup that’s appealing to your baby.

  1. Use positive language about the dentist

You can tell your child that dentists help their teeth become
stronger. Do not use a dental visit as a threat such as “if you don’t do
this, I’ll take you to the dentist.” These ments build negative
emotions toward the dentist.

  1. Cheer them

During the appointment applaud your child for anything they do right,
even, opening their mouth when the dentist asks them to do so.

What to expect with a first visit

The first visit is usually straightforward. The pediatric dentist
starts building a relationship with your baby. They’ll mostly just play

The dentist with then open your baby’s mouth and examine the teeth,
gum, and tongue. If they notice something unusual they’ll follow it up.
If all looks okay they’ll talk to you about oral health habits at home
and also guide you on nutrition so that you can avoid foods that have a
high risk of developing cavities.

We make the first visit easy for you and your baby. Talk to us to
schedule an appointment.

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