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Pediatric Dentist for Anxious Children Near Me

As parents we don’t like to put our children in situations that make
them uncomfortable, what do we do with children who have dental anxiety?
We might want to wait until they grow older and hope that their fear
will go away. But, that’s the wrong move. First, it puts your child at
risk of getting serious dental complications that could have been
avoided should they have seen a dentist early. Secondly, dental fear
will follow them into their adulthood.

The most important thing you can do is build a relationship with a
pediatric dentist who specializes in handling anxious children.

Signs of dental anxiety in your child

Dental anxiety can be mild or severe. A mild case is easier to handle
but a severe case requires patience and commitment from the parent and
dentist. Look out for signs of dental anxiety and inform your dentist
about the phobia.

Restlessness as the appointment day

Your child will be uneasy. They’ll ask you about the appointment
several times. They’ll ask if you can reschedule the date but won’t give
you any reason. On the night before the appointment, they’ll have
trouble sleeping.

Anger and tantrums

Your child will get angry and throw a tantrum whenever you remind
them of the upcoming dental appointment.


If your child isn’t the kind who throws tantrums, you will notice
some sadness and tears in their eyes.

Unrest during the appointment

Getting an anxious child to enter the dental office is hard work. You
will have to drag them and they’ll be in tears. Their hands can become
cold but they may also sweat profusely.

Why you need a pediatric dentist for anxious

If you have an anxious child you probably wonder whether dental
visits help them or hurt them. The truth is, dental visits are crucial
for your child, and that is why you need a pediatric dentist for anxious
children near you.

Pediatric dentists for anxious children do this:

  • They teach your child about the dental procedure they’ll have,
    its importance, and why they need it.
  • They listen to your child and the fears they have. They then
    clear the myths they might have heard from friends.
  • If your child is too young to understand, they use a language
    familiar to them. That includes toys, music, etc.
  • They create a friendly environment and put away equipment that
    may scare your child.
  • They use modern technology so that procedures are not

Our team of dentists will help your anxious child get the pediatric
dental care they deserve. Call us to learn more.

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