Pediatric Dentist Reviews Teaching Kids Healthy Dental Habits

Teaching Kids Healthy Dental Habits

Teaching your kids good oral hygiene is important, especially since healthy habits need to be established at a young age. Having an experienced Los Angeles pediatric dentist is important, but good oral health starts at home. If you need a little help teaching your kids the right way to care for their teeth, here is a simple guide to make things easier.

  1. Make It Fun– Kids learn to love doing things if the activity or lesson is implement in an enjoyable way. Play a song that signals how long they should be brushing their teeth. Create fun challenges for them to see how clean they can get their teeth. Brush your teeth with your child to set a good example. Kids love to mimic their parents, and brushing your teeth together is much more fun for kids than doing it alone. We always communicate this at our Los Angeles office.
  2. Use Age-Appropriate Products– This ties in somewhat with making it fun. Find tooth brushes with your child’s favorite cartoon characters. Use toothpastes with fun flavors like bubblegum – as long as they are ADA approved. Always make sure your child is brushing with a soft bristle brush that has a head small enough to access tough-to-reach spots in the mouth.
  3. Always Check Technique-Make sure your child is learning the right technique early on – please ask our team about the proper age to start. If your child brushes too hard, they could damage their gums, but if they brush too softly, they could miss food and develop cavities – so the right method makes a major difference. Make sure they learn how to properly floss by showing them how it is done and monitoring how they hold the floss and use it to scrape away debris.

As a parent, your child’s dental health is your responsibility until they are old enough to care for themselves – being active in this process will make a significant impact. By teaching your children good dental habits early on, you will help save them from painful cavities and other costly procedures. Start early and follow our tips to make brushing and flossing more fun for your kids and your family.

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