How Do Kids Space Maintainers Work?

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Learn more about space maintainers and why wearing dental space maintainers could be the key to preventing early tooth loss in your baby.

When a child loses his/her her baby tooth early, it is very important to preserve the space it occupied before the eruption of permanent teeth to avoid future problems such as misalignment and malocclusion (bad bite).

A dental space maintainer can be used to preserve the space formerly occupied by the lost baby tooth.

Dental space maintainers are custom-made plastic or metal made appliances that are used to hold open space where the baby tooth is lost so that the permanent tooth can easily grow there.

Space maintainers can either be cement painlessly to the teeth or gums permanently or placed temporarily to be removed anytime.

How do kids space maintainers work?

Kids space maintainers work by keeping the space left by lost baby tooth to allow permanent tooth to erupt and come into place in normal fashion.

If a child loses his/her baby teeth and the space left is not maintained, then teeth can shift into open space resulting in problems that may require orthodontic treatment later on.

By wearing dental space maintainers, you can help prevent the need for corrective dental treatments like braces in the future.

How long is kids’ space maintainer left in place?

A dental space maintainer will be left in place and removed as soon permanent teeth begin to erupt through the gum tissue.  A routine X-ray will be conducted to reveal when the permanent teeth underneath are ready to erupt naturally.

Once the space maintainer is placed, your child will be required follow proper ways to clean and care for the appliance.  It’s important to avoid chewy and sugary foods as they may loosen or get caught on the device.

Not all children who lose baby teeth early require space maintainers. However, you should schedule a consultation with children’s dentist to determine if using space maintainers is needed.

Dr. Heivi Kim – the top-rated children’s dentist in Los Angeles strongly recommends getting your baby, toddler or young child space maintainers to ensure their teeth develop the best bite possible and hopefully avoid the need for braces later on.

Why Choose Dr. Heivi Kim for Kids Space Maintainers in Los Angeles

Dr. Heivi Kim is dedicated and compassionate pediatric dentist offering children in Los Angeles community the ability to achieve the perfect smile they deserve.

She is uniquely trained in pediatric dentistry and has the expertise and experience to provide the best quality early orthodontic care to children in Los Angeles. Her friendly staff will provide your child with gentle dental care in a warm, safe and comfortable environment.

Improve your child’s dental health. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Heivi Kim and find out if your child is in need of space maintainers.

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