Foods That You Should be Careful With!

foods to be careful with

Our teeth may be the strongest bone we have in our body, but that does not mean we are invincible from accidental knocked out teeth or even fillings that come out as a result of certain foods. Even worse, as we age our teeth begin to weaken, making us more prone to accidents involving teeth. Don’t be mistaken, however, children can knock their teeth out as well. Here are the foods you should be careful with.

Hard Candies – it seems obvious, but yes – hard candies can damage your teeth if you are not careful with them. You should always suck the candy down until it cannot be bitten into. That’s your safest bet. Problems only arise when you get impatient and bite into the candy.

Ice – believe it or not, ice is responsible for many lost teeth. It typically happens when you least expect it, too. Either make sure the drink you have dissolves your ice completely, or like hard candies, make sure you suck it all the way down so that you cannot bite into it.

Chewy – anything with the words “chewy” in it you should always be careful with. Chewy candies (caramel is usually the worst culprit) are more likely to pull a dental filling out than they are to knock a tooth out. Chew with caution.

Nuts – some nuts aren’t as bad to chew on, but some are – almonds are probably ranked as one of the hardest to chew on. Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, you name it – nuts have the potential to damage your teeth if you are not careful.

Apples – I am sure you have already heard of someone who managed to bite into an apple only to realize they knocked a dental crown out, filling, or even a fake tooth. Apples offer many benefits, but err on the side of caution when you vigorously bite into one.

Our mission is not to scare you away from foods that you could benefit from – such as nuts and apples – but to warn you of events that have a possibility of happening. If on the rare occasion you do manage a stroke of bad luck, and then don’t panic. Anything that falls out of your mouth – a filling, crown, fake tooth, or real tooth, should be kept and taken to your dentist.

Schedule an emergency dentistry appointment. Fortunately, modern dentistry is able to restore any accidents that may happen.

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