What to Expect with Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles CA

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Pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles offers your child a unique dental experience not found at a general dental practice.  Your children’s dentist is an expert who is trained in caring for the dental needs of kids and offers an approach to specifically meet those needs.  Often this approach can be seen throughout the practice from the warm welcome from staff, the design of the office, and how your dentist explains information to you and your child.

Why Choose Pediatric Dentistry?

With your pediatric dentist, you can expect optimal dental care for your child.  Your child’s dental team will ensure that he/she feels comfortable and understands each process of their visit whether it is a routine cleaning and exam or a more detailed dental procedure.  Common techniques used to help your child feel at ease include:

  • Tell-Show-Do
  • Modeling from other patients
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Distraction — music, pictures on the ceiling, movies
  • Helpful tools — mouth pillows, rubber raincoats
  • Patients become the doctor and fix a puppet’s teeth
  • iPads
  • Certified Pediatric Conscious Oral Sedation

The ultimate goal of pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles is to provide the best dental care possible for your child while helping them remain positive about their experience.  With that in mind, pediatric dentists often have a fun atmosphere that helps most children feel at ease or offer sedation options to relieve anxieties for a procedure.

Schedule Your Appointment

To learn more about pediatric dentistry, contact your children’s dentist in Los Angeles to schedule your child’s appointment today.  We look forward to helping your family with all your dental needs.


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