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pedriatic dentistry in los angeles
pedriatic dentistry in los angeles pedriatic dentistry in los angeles


What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do? | Los Angeles CA

pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentistry is an approach to oral health care where all your needs can be met at every stage of life. Babies, children, and teenagers have different dental needs at different points in time. A qualified pediatric dentist is skilled in providing comprehensive oral care for both baby teeth and permanent teeth, as well as any tooth restorations or replacements your child may require at any point in life. 

What to Expect

Like general dentists, your kid’s dentist focuses on ensuring good oral hygiene and optimal condition of your teeth. However, this dental professional can address the unique needs of children for a number of conditions. Common procedures include:

  • Regular professional cleanings 
  • Dental fillings and crowns 
  • Gum disease treatment 
  • Tooth extraction 
  • Root canal therapy 
  • Tooth replacement 
  • Orthodontic care

The American Dental Association recommends that you take your child for a dental checkup as soon as the first tooth appears, or by the first birthday. This is important to prevent the most common dental problem for children, early childhood cavities, and other oral issues that can affect your child’s smile, especially by the age of four years. 

As you prepare for your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist, you should create a list of any medical conditions, current medications, and allergies your child has. You should also note down your pediatrician’s contact information in case the dentist needs more information. In addition, it’s important to note down any harmful dental habits that your child has picked and may affect his/her smile in the long run. Sucking habits, whether it’s a finger, bottle, or pacifier may adversely affect the development of primary teeth and the jaw, and should be corrected as early as possible. 

Dental visits also provide the opportunity to learn about the best oral hygiene practices. Depending on your child’s age when visiting the dentist, there are different things you may want to learn about taking care of his/her mouth. This is an important time to find out about preventative oral care, including proper brushing technique, flossing, diet, the use of sealants, fluoride treatments, and so on. 

Schedule Your Appointment

By finding a qualified pediatric dentist near you, you can have peace of mind that all your children’s oral health needs will be met under one roof, with consistent dental history. 

Schedule your child’s appointment by contacting your children’s dentist in Los Angeles today!

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Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings for Kids | Los Angeles CA

tooth-colored fillings

There are several types of dental fillings, but the most popular ones today for kids are tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are made in a way to mimic the natural appearance of your teeth, plus they’re strong enough to restore the form and function of a chipped or decayed tooth. Moreover, they can be used to treat very small cavities that are hard to fill using other materials like amalgam. Another advantage of tooth-colored composite fillings is that they are easy to repair. Fillings tend to wear over time and may be damaged in the event of an accident. Composite fillings can be easily reapplied without having to remove the original filling which make it a simple procedure for kids.

What are the benefits of tooth-colored fillings?

The advantages of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Tooth-colored fillings are made from composite resins and porcelains. They are safe, comfortable, and react more like your natural teeth.
  • Composite fillings offer a firm bonding with your teeth which creates stronger, more protected, and comfortable dental fillings.
  • Dental fillings restore the structure, look and feel of your teeth. These teeth restorative materials help to recreate tooth that not only looks natural but responds effectively to biting force.
  • White fillings can be used on front and back teeth without compromising aesthetics. And they can be replaced if damaged.

Are tooth-colored fillings the best choice for my child?

The key to determining if tooth-colored fillings are the ideal option for restoring your teeth is to seek consultation with your dentist. When recommending fillings, your pediatric dentist will take into account the current condition of your teeth, the location of the teeth involved, the size of the area to be restored, and the biting forces being placed on the teeth. That way, you can achieve a healthy-looking smile.

To find out the best tooth restoration options for your child, schedule your consultation with your Los Angeles pediatric dentist today!

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When Your Child Should Visit an Emergency Dentist | Los Angeles CA

emergency dentist

It can happen to anyone. Your child falls off a bicycle, trips during a hike, or falls while doing chores and injures their mouth. For many, such injuries do not require a visit to an emergency dentist. However, there are times when an emergency dentist is the best solution for ensuring the health of your child’s teeth and gums after injury.

Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

It can be challenging to figure out if your child’s condition requires an emergency dental visit.  Fortunately, there are common situations that are clear issues that need immediate attention, including:

  • Severe Tooth Damage – If one of your teeth gets knocked out of its socket or a large piece of it breaks off, you will need emergency dental care to reverse the symptoms before the nerve dies.
  • Excessive Pain – Too much pain in the mouth may mean something is not right with your gums, teeth, or jaws. Of course, you can ignore the pain if it is short-lived, but if it lasts more than 30 minutes without getting better, consider seeking emergency dental care to be checked.
  • Abscess – Sudden pus drainage and visible abscess are obvious signs your gums are infected. An emergency dentist will administer antibiotics to you to prevent the condition from spreading as they establish the cause and the right treatment for it.
  • Gum or Mouth Bleeding – A knock or bite on your lip that leaves you bleeding for a few minutes may not be worth worrying about. However, if the treatment seems to take abnormally long to recede, consider seeing an emergency dentist as soon as you can to prevent too much loss of blood.

Contact Your Emergency Pediatric Dentist

If you think your child needs immediate dental treatment, do not hesitate to contact your pediatric dentist in Los Angeles.  Your child’s dentist will be able to help you determine if a dental visit is necessary and give you suggestions for helping keep your child comfortable until your visit.  The goal of emergency dentistry is to attend to the immediate needs of the patient in order to preserve their overall oral health, so your dentist is here to help when a dental emergency arises.

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When to Choose Dental Crowns | Los Angeles CA

dental crowns

When it comes to repairing tooth damage, your dentist will likely present two options: a filling and dental crowns. The best restorative treatment depends on the type of damage, severity, and location in your mouth.

In general, fillings are used to repair tooth damage that affects less than 50% of the tooth. Crowns, on the other hand, can be used to repair all kinds of tooth damage, but are mostly recommended for broken teeth, large cavities, and to fill gaps between your teeth, by either adding volume to a natural tooth or as part of a dental bridge or implant.

Here are some reasons for the popularity of dental crowns:

Wide Range of Treatment

Fillings can be successfully used to repair minor tooth damage. However, large fillings tend to be unstable, requiring the support of a dental crown. Rather than get a quick filling that won’t last very long, you can choose dental crowns to treat various dental problems, including:

  • Decay – that has affected more than half the tooth, such that a filling cannot be used
  • To strengthen the tooth structure following root canal therapy
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • To replace large fillings
  • To fix chips and cracks
  • To close small gaps between teeth
  • To support dental bridges when replacing missing teeth

Cosmetic Smile Makeover Options

When you have a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth front teeth, your dentist may recommend tooth-colored porcelain or composite resin to restore or enhance the look of your smile. Tooth-colored crowns also referred to as white fillings, have become increasingly popular, compared to the traditional metal fillings because they blend in with your natural teeth and make the repair unnoticeable, producing an even, white smile.

Durable and Long-Lasting Materials

There are many different materials that can be used for dental fillings, including metals such as gold, silver, and stainless steel. These materials are incredibly strong and durable, giving you a long-lasting restoration for your molars. To repair your front teeth, you can choose composite and porcelain materials for a strong and durable restoration, though it may not last as long as metal fillings.

To find out if dental crowns are right for you, contact your dentist in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.

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What to Expect with Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles CA

pediatric dentistry los angeles

Pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles offers your child a unique dental experience not found at a general dental practice.  Your children’s dentist is an expert who is trained in caring for the dental needs of kids and offers an approach to specifically meet those needs.  Often this approach can be seen throughout the practice from the warm welcome from staff, the design of the office, and how your dentist explains information to you and your child.

Why Choose Pediatric Dentistry?

With your pediatric dentist, you can expect optimal dental care for your child.  Your child’s dental team will ensure that he/she feels comfortable and understands each process of their visit whether it is a routine cleaning and exam or a more detailed dental procedure.  Common techniques used to help your child feel at ease include:

  • Tell-Show-Do
  • Modeling from other patients
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Distraction — music, pictures on the ceiling, movies
  • Helpful tools — mouth pillows, rubber raincoats
  • Patients become the doctor and fix a puppet’s teeth
  • iPads
  • Certified Pediatric Conscious Oral Sedation

The ultimate goal of pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles is to provide the best dental care possible for your child while helping them remain positive about their experience.  With that in mind, pediatric dentists often have a fun atmosphere that helps most children feel at ease or offer sedation options to relieve anxieties for a procedure.

Schedule Your Appointment

To learn more about pediatric dentistry, contact your children’s dentist in Los Angeles to schedule your child’s appointment today.  We look forward to helping your family with all your dental needs.


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What to Expect with Family Dentistry in Los Angeles CA

family dentistry

Family dentistry allows you to provide the best dental care for your entire family. A family dentist understands the dental needs of children, adults, and seniors while providing convenient care all in one office. Many families choose a family dentist to ensure maintaining proper dental health continues in every season of life.

Why Choose Family Dentistry?

For many families, the atmosphere of the dental practice is a significant factor for choosing their dentist. With a family dentist, you can expect

  • State-of-the-art dental equipment to guarantee efficiency and comfort.
  • High-level care to offer the most convenient and accurate techniques.
  • A relaxing waiting room.
  • A warm, courteous staff that will always welcome you with a smile.

With your family dentist, you can trust that patient satisfaction is their top priority. With this in mind, most family dentists will happily provide oral hygiene demonstrations for members of your family from the youngest to the oldest to ensure your family is familiar with proper brushing and flossing techniques. Overall family dentistry offers your family the opportunity for convenient, professional dental care that is especially aware of the unique needs of each age group.

Experienced Dental Care for Kids

Family dentists often have special training to meet the dental needs of the youngest members of your family. Children are often anxious about visiting the dentist. The team at a family dental practice will be aware of this fact and work with your child to help them feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit.

To learn more about what to expect with family dentistry, contact your pediatric dentist in Los Angeles to schedule an appointment. There you can ask questions, express concerns, and get to know the family dentist near you. The dentist will also explain more about the services provided and how your family can benefit from family dentistry.

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Family Dentist Near Me, Los Angeles CA 90044

family dentist near

Family dentistry is a popular service many dentists offer to make dental visits more convenient for patients.  In addition, the family dentist near you understands how to care for each of your loved ones from the youngest to the oldest.

What to Look for When Choosing a Family Dentist Near You

By choosing the best family dentist near you, you can guarantee your whole family will receive the proper dental care necessary to maintain their oral health.  Before choosing your dentist, there a few things to consider, including:

  • Education – When looking for dentistry services, qualification should always come at the top. The dentist you choose should be either a doctor of dental medicine (DMD) or doctor of dental surgery (DMS) as proof that they have undergone both pre-dental college studies for a minimum of two years and four years of undergraduate dentistry training.
  • Client Reviews – The best person to tell you about a service is someone who has enjoyed the service. Review sites can be the best place to get honest opinions about a prospective dentist before hiring them. Past clients will give you a glimpse of the kind of customer service you should brace yourself for, how the office handles emergencies etc. Consider dentists with the highest ratings and a combination of most reviews and most positive reviews. Of course, you want someone who has served thousands but still has a 4.5-star rating.
  • Suitability – Quality services would be nothing without convenience. Your dentist should be in a position to treat you when you need the treatment, i.e. they should be open on days and hours when you are available to schedule an appointment. Also, their office should be near enough to your home such that you can always make it there on time, in case of emergencies, for instance.

To find out more about family dentistry near you, contact your Los Angeles dentist to schedule an appointment.

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Why Visit a Family Dentist? | Los Angeles CA

family dentist

Finding the right dentist for your family can be challenging but rewarding.  With the right family dentist for your loved ones, you can maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Here are some of the levels and forms of oral care that family dentists focus on:

  • Prevention of tooth decay and other oral problems
  • Early detection and prediction of future problems
  • Treatments such as pulp therapy and periodontal disease treatment
  • Advice on updates, new therapies, and equipment

Family dentistry ensures the oral care needs of your entire family are entrusted with the same person. That comes with a few advantages. For one, it saves you a great deal of time as you can schedule appointments for your whole family at around the same time. Also, the confidence and comfort levels of your children will increase being treated by the same dentist who treats their parents. This, in turn, will bring about openness, which is important in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions.

Common Treatment Options

Family dentists have all the education and skills of general dentists, and can offer the following:

  • Teeth cleaning services
  • Dental examinations
  • Fillings
  • Crown treatments
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening

Schedule Your Visit

Having a family dentist you can call on for checkups and during emergencies is the perfect way to ensure your family is protected from potential oral health issues. To learn more about the benefits of family dentistry, contact your dentist in Los Angeles, CA today.

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Pediatric Dentist Near Me, Los Angeles CA 90044

pediatric dentist

A child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist is typically brief and informal. Your child will get to know the dentist during this appointment and get used to the clinic settings. A small checkup may also be done, depending on the little one’s comfort level and age.

Their teeth will be inspected for signs of gum, teeth and jaw problems such as gum disease, bad bites and decays.

The dentist will want to know about the child’s eating habits and the hygiene routine you have introduced them to. You will be asked to adjust if necessary and advised on better hygiene methods. You will also be given a chance to ask questions about diets, habits such as thumb-sucking and any other thing that concerns your child’s oral health.

Preparing Your Child to Visit the Pediatric Dentist

It is normal for a child to become anxious at the mention of a hospital, doctor or dentist. Let them know you understand them and try to help them overcome that fear. Try the following tips:

  • Speak positively of the dentist – Do this and talk to them about the risks associated with not visiting the dentist.
  • Stay relaxed – Avoid looking tense as your child may be easily enthused and terrified as well.
  • Come prepared – You may bring along your child’s toys to keep them distracted in the waiting room.
  • Plan a treat – A movie or a trip to the playground before or after the appointment will make your child start associating dental appointments with treats and other nice things.

To begin your child’s positive experience with a pediatric dentist, please schedule your appointment with your Los Angeles kids dentist today.

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How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Los Angeles CA

pediatric dentist in los angeles

Parents need to make an important decision when it comes to deciding the type of dentist their child should visit. A pediatric dentist in Los Angeles, CA and most family dentists have the expertise, tools, and compassion to handle children’s dental concerns. That said, children require a certain level of care, so it’s important to choose a dentist who has the training, experience, and compassion to keep your child comfortable for the entire visit. 

Some of the things to consider when choosing a pediatric dentist include:

  1. Relaxing and Kid-Friendly Dentist Office 

Children love fun and games, so they’ll be naturally repulsed by a sterile and rigid environment. Being required to sit still or be in perfect behavior can be daunting and stressful for energetic and curious kids. A kid-friendly dental office should be designed to meet the unique needs of children by providing a degree of freedom with fun activities, games, child-sized chairs, friendly staff, bright walls with exciting pictures and graphics, entertainment features like cartoons or movies, and so on. 

  1. Availability of Kid-Specific Treatments 

Although dental tools and equipment are largely standard, a kid’s dental practice should have smaller tools and less scary equipment, removing anything that is unlikely to be used for children treatments. Pediatric dentistry mostly focuses on preventive care, so the dental practice should be more focused on delivering relevant treatments to help prevent decay and tooth damage, such as dental sealants, fluoride treatments, mouth guards, and so on. More importantly, the pediatric dentist in Los Angeles, CA should help ease a child’s dental anxiety by providing treatments in a gentle manner and using comforting or soothing words. 

  1. Continuity of Dental Care 

All dentists go through the same training, but specialists such as a pediatric dentist in Los Angeles, CA get an additional 2-3 years of training to better handle children-specific dental issues. As your child grows, he/she is likely to require a broader range of dental services that include orthodontic care, cosmetic treatments like veneers and teeth bleaching, root canal therapy, and so on. So it’s important to choose a dental practice where your child is likely to receive all or most of their dental care until the age of 18 years. Working with one dentist who’s familiar with your child’s oral problems makes it easier to follow up on the needed dental care for optimal oral health. 

Ensuring that your child has a pleasant experience during dental appointments is important for their long-term oral health, as they will be more willing to keep regular checkups and seek timely treatment when problems arise. 

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