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Most children with dental issues and pain usually require treatment at any age. In some cases, this means that your child will undergo general anesthesia or oral sedation. At our practice, our aim is to always provide the safest, most pain-free treatment. We will make your children feel comfortable throughout their time with us.

What Is Pediatric Conscious Oral Sedation?

Pediatric Conscious Oral Sedation involves dentists giving their patients a mixture of oral medications to consume an hour before the procedure. Here are some benefits of pediatric conscious oral sedation 

  • The procedure is cost-effective 
  • The procedure gives the dentist the ability to perform more tasks in less time
  • The procedure improves the overall quality of the certain treatment

Procedure For Pediatric Conscious Oral Sedation

At our practice, our oral sedation uses a mild sedative to manage anxiety while your child receives dental care. We also offer oral sedation when a child’s safety might be endangered or in situations where your child has a strong “gag” reflex. It is crucial to note that our sedation medication does not have any control over discomfort or pain. 

If your child is anxious, oral sedation might be used by our specialists. This sedative is taken by mouth or through the nose. This kind of medicine will cause your child to be a little tired and keep them calm and relaxed during the procedure. The sedative we offer usually begins to work within 20 minutes. 

Our dentist will have your child take medicine immediately after you arrive at the appointment. If your child has been booked for sedation, they should not eat or drink anything the night before the appointment. 

Once your child has been given the sedation, our specialist will give them an injection or injections in the given area to ensure that it is pain-free during and after the procedure. The sedation medicine might last up to 6 hours after the treatment is done.

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