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Kids, Children’s Dentist

Baby teeth begin to grow out of the gums at 6 months of age and are usually fully grown by the age of two. The primary teeth must be maintained properly just as you do your adult teeth. The children’s dentist at our practice will ensure that your child is comfortable and relaxed during their visit.

Who is a Children’s Dentist?

A kid dentist is a dental specialist that focuses on the care of your kid’s teeth and oral health. Here are some benefits of working with kids, children’s dentist:

  • They can help to prevent tooth decay
  • They teach your kid proper hygiene and oral care
  • They can help to reduce fear and pain

Procedure for Kids, Children’s Dentist 

Our team of experts starts the procedure by educating your child using models, computer technology, and kid-friendly terminology, thus indicating how crucial it is to keep teeth healthy and strong.  In addition, we counsel you on good eating habits, how to prevent disease, trauma, and other phases of the home hygiene routine. Our specialists also monitor growth by regularly tracking development and growth. 

Our trusted team foresees dental problems and swiftly intervenes before they get worse.  We understand that working towards sooner corrective treatment preserves your kid’s self-esteem and builds a more positive self-image. Our experienced team helps you and your child establish good oral care and eating habits which decreases the chances of later tooth decay.  

In addition to offering checkups and dental cleanings, our specialists also apply topical fluoride and dental sealants to your child’s teeth, advise you on thumb-sucking/smoking cessation/pacifier and provide good demonstrations of flossing and brushing. In some situations, our pediatric dentist might talk to you about the possibility of early oral treatments with parents. 

In situations involving bruxism, malocclusion, oral injury, space maintainers might be fitted, we might recommend a night-time mouth guard, or schedule a reconstructive surgery.

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Contact us today at our practice to schedule a simple consultation. Our specialists will be happy to meet with you and discuss the possible dental treatment or procedures for your kids.

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