Space Maintainers Dentist in Los Angeles

Learn more about Amor Kids Dentistry family-friendly practice and how you can use space maintainers to ensure your child’s adult teeth grow properly.

It is always important to keep track of your child’s oral development as early as possible. Dr. Heivi Kim- the best children’s doctor in Los Angeles strongly recommends getting your baby, toddler or young child space maintainers to ensure their teeth develop the best bite possible and hopefully avoid the need for braces later on.

At Amor Kids Dentistry, we are committed to providing your child with the best preventive dental care using space maintainers so that your child can achieve a perfect smile.

What are space maintainers?

Space maintainers are plastic or metal-made devices that are used to hold open the space where baby teeth are lost so that permanent teeth can easily grow there. Also known as space maintenance appliance, these placeholders serve the purpose of helping your child to develop best bites as well as better tooth structure and progression.

What are the types of space maintainers?

There are two main types of space maintainers, fixed and removable. Fixed space maintainers are cemented painlessly to the teeth or gums, whereas removable space maintainers can be placed and removed anytime.

Space maintainers can also be either unilateral or bilateral. The difference is that a unilateral space maintainer is applied to one side of your child’s mouth, while a bilateral space maintainer may be applied to both sides.

Whether fixed or removable, your child’s space maintainer will be custom-made to ensure it fits perfectly. We will require your child to wear a space maintainer until routine X-rays reveal that the tooth underneath is ready to erupt naturally.

It is imperative that any child wearing a space maintainer maintains a good oral hygiene at home and come for regular professional dental care.

Are space maintainers safe?

Yes. Space maintainers are a simple, non-invasive and safe way to avoid malocclusion (bad bite) and improve your child’s smile. Early orthodontics helps to ensure your child develops straighter teeth, correct bite problems and guide erupting teeth in position.

Why Choose Dr. Heivi Kim for space maintainers Los Angeles

Here is why you should choose best Los Angeles best pediatric orthodontic Dr. Heivi Kim to fix space maintainers for your child:

  • Dedicated and compassionated pediatric orthodontic care
  • Uniquely trained and experienced children’s dentist
  • Excellent early orthodontic care for your child in a safe, warm and comfortable environment
  • Punctual and committed to patient-focused dental care

Improve your child’s bite with quality space maintainers in Los Angeles

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